Jon Houghton drawing workshop
Fresh from an exciting performance at the "Face Off" competition of the Portrait Society of America Conference, Jon Houghton ( will conduct a drawing workshop May 13 thru May 15, 2011 at the location of The Art Students Guild of Brevard, at 909 E New Haven, Melbourne, suite 31.

The emphasis is drawing for aesthetic quality through the quality of the line and shading, using pencil, charcoal, and paper such as Strathmore paper and a bristol pad. Both still life and figure drawing are included. An introduction to silver point for which materials will be supplied will also be offered.

The schedule details:
Friday May 13 9AM-4PM with lunch break - still life / landscape
Saturday May 14 9AM-12PM - landscape
Sunday May 15 1PM-4PM - portrait / figure (clothed)

Sunday AM bonus for attendees (AM or 10 AM until 12PM): silver point demo with opportunity to try it out. For those unfamiliar with silver point - it's drawing with a silver stylus on specially prepared paper. Very delicate, very beautiful drawing technique.

Another Bonus: we are invited to attend Jon's watercolor demo at the Brevard Watercolor Society meeting between 1PM-3PM on May 14. Your names will be submitted to get in free at the door.

The fee for the workshop is $150 to guild members, $180 to non-members, model fees included. Contact for questions and to get onto the list to attend - no down payment is needed. Detailed syllabus to follow for those on the list. Come work under our master artist in his favorite media and the foundation for his amazing paintings.

Brett Pigon