Supply List - Angela Cunningham Workshop

Drawing supply list:

All items will be available at Ralph's Art Supply, 1420 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida.

Pencils – traditional wood pencils are fine but Angela recommends 2mm lead holders (multiple holders in different colors is useful). Various hardnesses – at least two each: 4H, 2H, H and HB.

Paper – a pad of Strathmore 400 drawing series paper (for quick drawings or block-ins).

 –  One Sheet of Artistico Fabriano, 140 lb, Hot press, extra white, 18” x 24” (for final drawings)
***please note:  TASGOB has arranged for a small special order of 22" x 30" Fabriano paper at Ralph's - it will be about $5 per sheet and must be purchased cash.  If needed, the Guild's paper cutter can be used to cut these sheets down.

Sharpener – for wood pencils: a razor blade and sandpaper. For lead holders: a rotary sharpener (Staedler brand recommended).

Kneaded erasers.

Measuring Stick - Knitting needles, kebab skewers, or bicycle spoke. Around one foot long (25 cm).

Drawing board – around 20×30 inches or greater. (Ralph's Art Supply now has larger drawing boards)

Stylus erasers – these are thin erasers that advance out of a holder like the lead from a mechanical pencil. Example is  the Tombo brand 2.3mm.

Small level -  to check if the drawing board is straight. (can be shared with other students)

Glassine paper - small sheets to cover your drawings

Drafting tape

Mahl Stick - to keep your hand off drawing while working

Drawing supply box - some kind of box to organize drawing materials