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Jon Houghton Watercolor
Portrait and Still Life Workshop

Please note date change:

March 8th and 9th, 2020
(Sunday and Monday  9:30 A.M - 4:30 P.M.)

The Art Students Guild of Brevard is proud to again host Jon Houghton and his two-day watercolor workshop at the Guild.

Learn Jon's vertical watercolor technique!

$250 members / $300 non-members
plus model fee

To register or inquire, email

Workshop Details:

Day One (Sunday) morning: The session will go from 9:30 to 12:30. Jon will demo and discuss “water management” techniques including washes and blending color washes that produce the vibrant colors that we seen in Jon's paintings. The participants will then practice these techniques doing a simple still life. 

Day One afternoon: The session will go from 1:30-4:30. We will practice on a more complex still life. Jon plans to set up several still life scenes for variety. 

Day Two (Monday) morning: We will have the same model (Golden) for both morning and afternoon. Jon will do a demo of his initial drawing, and then will paint flesh in living color. The artists will then start on the portrait.

Day Two Afternoon: We will continue the portrait we started in the morning. 

Supply list for Jon Houghton watercolor workshop 

Arches 140# cold press paper, 1⁄4 sheets or other appropriate paper. You will need 5-6 

A sable brush with a good point that is approximately 1/4” at the ferule. Brush numbers vary from one company to another. This is approximately equivalent to a Winsor Newton Series 7, number 7 or 8 

Colors: (pan or tube are both OK. Wet pan colors ahead of time so they are juicy when the session starts) Cadmium red light, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium yellow pale, Yellow ochre, Cadmium orange (optional), Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Burnt Umber (Holbein is the best. Ask Ralph to order for you or get it online.) Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue 

A plastic water container; paper towels/tissues; a waterproof board and clips 

Easels will be available if desired. We will not be painting on the flat. 


**Changed to TWO DAYS**
October 18th and 20th, 2019
(Friday and Sunday)
at The Art Students Guild of Brevard
909 E. New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32901
The Art Students Guild of Brevard is sponsoring a two day oil painting portrait workshop taught by master portrait artist Jon K. Houghton. Students may also work in pastel.

Jon Houghton's paintings hang in corporate headquarters, hospital boardrooms, military installations, courtrooms, homes of very lucky people and places of which we have lost track. He has a wealth of knowledge accumulated over many years of drawing, designing, painting, education, and study. Jon loves to share.

We will have the same model for 2 afternoons and different models for each of the 2 mornings. Jon will do short demos followed by critiques while the artists paint.

Demonstrations will include portrait studies; posing, lighting and staging for portraits and mixing the flesh tone palette.
Workshop content:
Posing, lighting and backgrounds for interest, clarity and expression
Efficient drawing approaches for the one-sitting portrait
Making a color plan
Flesh tone color theory and mixing palettes
The use of values
Painting a painting, not just a likeness
Capturing personality
Edges and vignettes

“I will demonstrate the palette layout before the session begins, from 9 am to 9:30 am. We will begin with a drawing, so a full color palette will not be necessary initially.”
Those of us who have attended Jon's workshops know that we all make big strides in our endeavor to be better portrait artists.
The morning session will be from 9:30-12:30. There will be a one hour lunch break. The afternoon session will be from 1:30-4:30.
Cost of the workshop is $200. (Sorry, no partial fees.) Syllabus and materials supply list will be provided upon registration. Model fees are additional and will be divided among attendees.
If interested, please email

Supply list is here:


The Guild enjoyed a busy 2018. In February, member Brett Pigon conducted a drawing class which was well attended.  And Jon Houghton held his popular three day watercolor floral still life/portrait workshop.  In July, Stephen Perkins' Workshop introduced a good many of us to straight line method. 
As we start the new year, we repeat Brett Pigon's drawing workshop (now in progress - scroll down to view details), and again introduce several Jon Houghton Portrait Painting Workshops (details follow - one is in February - oils/pastel, the other is in March - watercolor).



***WORKSHOP - OCTOBER 2018***  (completed)

The Art Students Guild of Brevard is honored to host Asheville, North Carolina based artist Angela Cunningham, who will teach a three day workshop - Full Figure Block-In Drawing in Graphite - see details posted below!

This great workshop will fill quickly - please register soon!

Fees:  $450 TASGOB members, $525 non-members.  Model fees will be shared by attendees.

October 5th - 7th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)  10am - 5pm, break for lunch

To register, send Peggy Rank an email at  Checks should be made out to TASGOB, and mailed to TASGOB, c/o Peggy Rank, 548 Rio Pino North, Indialantic, FL  32903.






Hello Artists and Friends of the Guild:

Jon Houghton's 2017 watercolor portrait workshop was a great success judging by the huge improvements all the artists made.  Yes, it was warm even with the AC, especially in the afternoons, but we persevered and had a wonderful time.

Thank you to all the participants!

Jon is planning an oil workshop in October and another watercolor portrait workshop in February.

Below are a few of Jon's demo portraits for your amazement and enjoyment.

Jon Houghton Workshop Series 

Watercolor Portrait

Dates: July 14, 15, & 16 (Fri-Sun)

Non-Members: $400
Members: $325 

The Art Students Guild of Brevard is proud to host Jon Houghton and his three-day workshop in TASGOB's third floor Loft at 909 E. New Haven Avenue in Melbourne.
  • 140* cold press paper. Either a quartered sheet of Arches 22 x 30" paper, or another brand comparable in size — at least 11x14". 
  • Round Sable brush with good point, a number 7 or 8, which is approx. at the ferrule. 
  • Colors: Pan or tube are acceptable, but pan colors should be moistened ahead of time so they are "juicy" when the session starts. Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, (Holbein brand is Jon's favorite for) Burnt Umber, and Cadmium Orange is optional. 
  • Plastic container for water 
  • Paper towels 
  • Waterproof board and clips
Easels will be available, so you learn Jon's vertical watercolor technique!

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